Rugby balls and Oreo balls

This is a happy week!

Why, you might be wondering, because this week is the week where my LIB makes another batch of Cake Pops (well in this case, and just for this week, they will be referred to as Oreo Balls).

This will not be our first experience with Cake Pops (and it definitely won’t be our last), the last time being at the Hazel Food Market‘s Coffee and Chocolate festival.

Now I know that if you can accumulate 100 “Brownie Points”, you qualify for a free bicycle, and with this in mind (and a good dose of sugar clouding our sense of better judgement) we decided that the same must be true for Brownie Pops. We are now 98 Brownie Pops away from our bicycle.

A Brownie Pop, before photo

The Brownie Pops are basically a round ball made from Brownie crumbs (why anyone would have left over crumbs is still a mystery to me) mixed with icing and then dipped in milk chocolate, with a wooden skewer to give the Pop a lollipop look. The skewer is there to ensure that your fingers stay clean (but isn’t that kind of the point) but I believe this is part of a devious scheme by the likes of Weight Watchers, as the stick impedes your ability to eat the pops at any sort of speed that could be called “reasonable” (You try eating another pop with an overgrown tooth pick jabbed into the back of your throat).

A little bit of criticism though, the Brownie Pop has nothing on a traditional Cake Pop, with the Brownie Mixture not being as moist as I would have liked. Also, apparently, sometimes size does count!

Half Eaten Brownie Pop

Brownie Pop "After" Photo (Exactly 5 seconds later)

I also really think that making the outside layer out of a dark chocolate, would have resulted in a much better flavour. Don’t get me wrong though, they were still damn good!

But, back to the reason why I am so excited! Sitting in the pantry right now, are three full boxes of Oreo cookies (okay, 2 boxes, 2 full packets, and 3 loose Oreo cookies), just waiting to be turned into delicious Oreo Balls.

I am a little bit afraid that I won’t be able to concentrate on much until these are ready (except for the Rugby World Cup, and my SuperBru picks for this week, obviously), the downside being that they take a good few hours to make, the last of these sitting in the deep freeze, just waiting for me (and as any good left over should know, the deep freeze is not a safe place to be).

Hopefully they will survive long enough to make an appearance here.

I have promised a number of people a taste of these Oreo Balls, but its okay to not keep all the promises you make, right?

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2 thoughts on “Rugby balls and Oreo balls

  1. Ma says:

    the gals at stitchy miss your baking! Ma ❤

  2. Marion says:

    I am your mother I brought you into this world so you have to share them with me. I feel no guilt for pulling the mother strings

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