No pads, no helmets, just Balls!

So I’m feeling like I might need to ramp up the gym sessions this week!

Thank goodness the walk to the fridge and back to the couch is a good 10 meter round trip. And of course, if said trip is during the Samoa – Namibia game, and you intend not missing a Samoan try as they romped home over Namibia, the trip needs to be done in about 10 seconds flat.

It is a nice change to work on my cardio instead of simply working on my biceps by lifting bottles of ice-cold Castle to my lips.

The Oreo Balls are here!

Turns out heaven can be found, cooling on a baking sheet!

So how do you go about making these little balls of absolute pleasure?

My LIB summarised it for me:

Crush 2.5 boxes of Oreo cookies (which makes me wonder where the other half a box went?).

Combine this with cream cheese (230 grams).

Roll the mixture into balls, around 4cm in diameter – yes I did measure this precisely but really only for an excuse to have another one. Place the rolled balls into the deep freeze for 30 minutes (try to show some restraint here).

Coat the Oreo Balls in a melted chocolate of your choice.

The LIB chose to coat them in a melted white chocolate, double dipped, and then drizzled dark chocolate over the balls.

Then allow to set in the fridge. The white chocolate does melt quite quickly, which is only really a problem if you don’t plan on eating the entire batch in one go.

This is about the correct serving size, for breakfast at least.

Now, something that might help with the restraint part, these are definitely a whole lot better the day after they’ve been made. The flavours just seem better after they have been hanging out a bit.

It took a massive amount of restraint to only take half a bite

I even managed to take some of these to work, in order to bribe a little bit of extra work out of some of my fellow workers (until the sugar coma set in at least).

This recipe is a definitely a keeper, so much so that I think I might have my fifth cup of coffee today, just to have an excuse to have some more.

The LIB also made a move she might live to regret, as she has promised to in future try her hand at Cookie-dough truffles (to which I responded that technically tomorrow can be called the future). My heart started racing at the idea of this, but this could also just be the start of another sugar high…

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