Let them eat (cup)cake!

If I ever meet the person who invented Cupcakes, I would hug them.

The idea of a full on cake, shrunk down to a size you can hold in one hand, is absolute genius!

So while exploring the streets of Georgetown, Washington DC, our first priority was to find us “some good eats”.

So after pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso, where I would highly recommend that you have the Atomica (Tomato, Salami, Black Olives, Hot Pepper Flakes, Mozzarella). I’m going to call this the second best pizza we had during our 6 month visit to the US. If it could have been served with an Ice Cold Castle, I might have called this the second best pizza I’ve ever hand, of all time!

And almost right across the road from our lunch, was what we thought looked like quite a cute little place to get some cupcakes for a late afternoon snack (Fear not, we did end up walking all this eating off).

It looked so innocent from the outside!

Turns out we had just walked into Georgetown Cupcakes. Now I can only assume that this happened before the show DC Cupcakes aired, as there was almost no queue to be heard of, except for some terribly painful tourists in front of us (don’t you just hate tourists?).

You know the saying, spoilt for choice? Well that would be an absolute understatement for this place!

Row upon row of beautifully presented cupcakes meant our eyes weren’t able to focus in on anything in particular, and we realized that actually making a choice on what to have, was most likely going to be one of the toughest choices we had made in a really long time.

After what felt like hours, but more realistically was probably only four minutes, we settled on 2 cupcakes (crazy I know):

A Santa’s Chocolate Chip for me, and a Toffee Crunch for the LIB.

In our haste to get the box open, we might have damaged the cupcakes "slightly"

Both these cupcakes were really good, so much so that they caused a less than serious argument when the LIB asked to taste mine. It was really nice to have a cupcake that was approaching a reasonable size based on South African standards (Not the half a cake size version we were more accustomed to from Crumbs in New York). There might be a bit of bias, in that statement, but you can’t blame us, as right after getting these cupcakes, we thought it would be a really good idea to walk back to our hotel near Dupont Circle (burning of the calories right).

Stuffed with sushi later that evening, we retreated to our hotel room, collapsed onto a king size bed, and fell asleep with cupcake crumbs still on our lips.

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