Insomnia Cookies!

Today I received an email to the 2011 NYC Halloween pub crawl!

And now thanks to that, I am really missing NYC!

So much so, that I am even considering visiting just for the pub crawl! In case anyone was there for the 2010 pub crawl, I was dressed as Captain America (ironic I know, coming from South Africa and all).

So I was going through some of the photos from my 6 months in NYC, and came across a place which I had almost forgotten about, and I can’t believe I had almost had!

This was the night, that made it an absolute certainty for me, that America makes the best cookies in the world (well at least the parts of the world that I have visited)!

After a meal of sushi, we were walking in the upper west side of Manhattan, more specifically down Amsterdam Avenue, where we came across a sign which called out to us, asking us to come in.

The place in question, Insomnia Cookies!

With a menu like this, who needs enemies?

Apparently this is the only Insomnia Cookies store not on a university campus, and thank goodness, as otherwise we could have missed it! Even though it was not on a campus, I was glad to see that it was still being run by students.

Weirdly enough, it was around midnight that we found this store, and we managed to restrict ourselves to just 1 brownie. Based on the appearance of the teller, I was a little worried that this might be a “special” brownie, but luckily it was just your bog standard bar of goodness. The brownie came out freshly baked, and I must describe it more like “gooey-nomsciousness” (quote taken directly from the LIB) it was so moist, I do mean this in the most kindest manner possible. Despite the need to eat the brownie with a spoon, hands down this was one of the tastiest brownies I have had in a long long time. It also helped that it was below freezing outside, and the brownie was still toasty warm!

This sealed it for us, and we decided that we would definitely be re-visiting to stock up on more cookies!

So 2 days later, we returned!

And this time we were not going to be messing around with brownies or any of that kid stuff, we were going straight in for the “Sugar Rush” 12 cookies for $12 (this seemed like a bargain even if the Rand hadn’t strengthened against the Dollar like it had).

Yes, this was all just for 2 people!

Included in this box where:

1. Snickerdoodle (times 2)

2. White Chocolate Macadamia (times 2)

3. Chocolate Chunk (times 2)

4. Oatmeal Raisin (times 2)

5. M&M (times 2)

6. Double Chocolate Chunk (times 2)

So basically almost the entire menu, and despite this, it still took us a good 10 minutes to decide. Apologies to anyone who might have been behind us in the queue.

We got a fresh cup of coffee brewed (seen in background of photo) and each devoured 2 cookies! After we awoke from our food coma, we each had another 1!

Something I really like about Insomnia Cookies (besides the cookies of course) is the fact that the cookies come in old pizza boxes, turned inside out! I guess it’s a cost saving mechanism, and if it brings down the cost of the cookies, I’m all for it!

If one of these cookies would be the cure for not being able to fall asleep at night, I’d hope to have insomnia every night!

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