Its Braai Day!

The 24th of September heralds Heritage Day here in South Africa. In a nut shell this is when we  remember the cultural heritage of the many different cultures that make up the population of South Africa.

And for the past couple of years, there has been a move to celebrate one tradition, that spans all the different cultures in our country, and that is to Braai (lending Heritage Day its other name – Braai Day)!

In the spirit of Braai Day, I thought I’d share some links, which will hopefully result in a clearer understanding of this proud event:

1. Sorry Rebecca Black, but yes, even your song has been improved and adapted for Braai Day.

2. Understanding the complexities behind braai culture (ladies, I suggest you take notes)

3. The official anthem of braai day.

Now, the braai is traditionally the domain of Man, so I’ve let the LIB take the day off. I’ve made sure there is a 6-pack (or ten) in the fridge. The wors is defrosted, the steaks are marinated! Normally I would also make sure that the coals are hot, but even I have given into to a gas braai (check me, embracing technology).

Now all that’s left is to decide is, do I wear slops or do I go barefoot?


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