Chop, Dop and Roll – part 1

On account of the fact that I missed out on Braai Day (Heritage Day) last year, and seeing as though it fell on a Saturday this year, it just made sense that instead of a Braai Day, we would rather have a braai weekend (Yes I know, sometimes I even amaze myself)!

We were lucky enough this year to actually be invited to the braai’s, and at neither of these did we have to supply the meat, so instead I ensure that the Live In Baker (LIB) focused her attention on areas that she is far better suited towards, and that of course is baking.

The first item on the menu was Malva Pudding, the dessert for the first braai. The decision to make Malva went something like this:

LIB: “You know, you haven’t had any Malva Pudding since before you left for the US.”

Me: “Impossible, don’t be silly!”

LIB: “Seriously, think about it.”

Me: “That decides it, you’ll be making Malva!”

Some decisions are easier to make than others!

The LIB gives a trade secret away, "Custard is just better if it comes out of a box"

Now, as most South Africans know, you don’t make Malva Pudding, but rather you drive down to your local Woolworth’s and buy yourself 1 (or 5).

But we decided to go against the mold, and let the LIB take a shot at it.

Malva is a baked pudding, the name coming from Malvasia Wine from Madeira. We prefer to think that it comes from the fact that a good Malva has a similar consistency to marshmallow. Taditionally we eat Malva in winter, but we figured we would break our tradition for this special occasion, and boy am I glad we did.

For once I was actually around to see the baking process in action, however I decided to watch from a safe distance (for fear of my own life if I got in the way of the process, oh yes, and there was also rugby on).

Lets just say that the smell was almost as good as Malva normally tastes, and Pavlov’s dog wouldn’t have been the only one salivating in the room.

The recipe said it makes enough for 4 people, well who ever wrote that recipe must think that we all have the appetite of the runner in Survivor 1000!

We served the Malva hot, drizzled with the custard (yes, ready-made from a box).

Despite how good the Malva was, the 4 of us that tucked into couldn’t get through nearly half of the pudding.

But this wasn’t so bad, as it just meant that more people would be able to taste this wonderful creation (sorry Woolworth’s, but the LIB’s Malva trumps your’s, hands down).

Even more Malva!

Amazingly, the Malva made it past this braai as well, but it definitely did not make it past day 3!

Finally the Malva was finished, and with a tear in my eye, I licked out the last bit of custard, put the last spoon into the dishwasher, and returned to the couch, happy!

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