A little peanut-butter motivation goes a long way!

I’ve discovered in life that there are 3 ways of motivating people.

1. Rewarding them;

2. Putting the fear of death into them;

3. Feeding them.

Now obviously only two of those options are realistic in todays modern society, I’m sure a lot of people are thinking back to the “good old” days where rewarding other people was the best way to obtain the desired outcome.

I had the need the other day, to inject some motivation into a group of people, and barring simply bringing a big stick (refer to method 2 above), I decided that the more politically correct method would be to shower them with delicious eats instead.

So it was back to the kitchen for the LIB, with a simple brief: a small snack, something that can be eaten with one hand, using pretzels, and something that we haven’t really seen before.

What we got, besides being short of amazing, where these:

So much of goodness!

"I'm ready for my close up Mr Director"

The ingredients are:

A bag of twist pretzels, smooth peanut butter, brown sugar, icing sugar, butter and dark chocolate.
The LIB said they were called peanut-butter sandwiches, but I preferred to call them peanut-butter motivations!
The method of making them is pretty simple:
Combine the peanut-butter with the brown sugar, icing sugar and butter until you can roll these into balls, roughly a teaspoon measure for each ball.
Sandwich each ball between 2 pretzels. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, and then dip an edge of each pretzel sandwich into the melted chocolate. Refrigerate on a baking tray. Once the chocolate has hardened, you’re all ready to go.
A word of caution, it is best to keep the finished sandwiches refrigerated, as the peanut-butter tends to soften very quickly, if you need to transport them, put an ice pack in the bag with them (ours lasted a whole day in a cooler bag with one).

Packed up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, the sandwiches are even easier to eat than they are to make! I did show some amazing resilience, and saved “some” for the people for who they were actually intended.

And how where they received? Well lets just say that the job was done in record time! The sweetness of the peanut-butter is complemented by the saltines of the pretzel, and the dark chocolate just rounds it off (at times I was wondering whether we shouldn’t just have dipped the entire sandwich into the chocolate).

Hey, we’re all allowed to dream aren’t we?

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3 thoughts on “A little peanut-butter motivation goes a long way!

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  2. chilliliefde says:

    Very interesting story!

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