Where good diets go to die!

So most people find it really humorous that I had not seen a real snow fall until I was past my quarter life crisis (and yes I am planning on living to be 100), and yes I did get terribly excited the first time I saw a flurry. So excited in fact that I asked everyone I saw if this was snow. The only real response I got to this was a quizzical look and a slightly nervous laugh. Most likely this was simply due to the fact that very few people in New York could understand anything I was saying, what with my thick “Vrystaat” accent, and the peculiar mix of Afrikaans slang that I have introduced into my every day language (It simply makes sense that the plural of waterfall would be waterfallses right?).

But then the New York blizzard of December 2010 hit, and no one was laughing at me anymore. I still had to ask it though: “Can I call it real snow yet?” I’ve always believed that Africa is not for sissies, but let me tell you, a blizzard is definitely not for sissies!

As I watched New York retreat indoors (from the comfort of my lounge of course), I turned to the LIB and told her that there is absolutely no chance that I will be going outdoors until all this “blerrie” snow is gone!

But boy, could I not have been more wrong!

You see, there was a problem. The problem was that roughly 5 blocks from our apartment was a little hole in the wall place, a place we began to affectionately refer to as “the place where diets go to die”.

The place in question? Holey Cream (and yes, when walking into it the first time, Cream is not the word I used in that sentence).

It looks innocent enough from the outside, and even when inside, it feels like a happy place. Life seemed simple enough, until we saw “it” on the menu. Ice Cream Donut sandwiches.

The concept seemed simple enough, a fresh donut is cut in half, and then filled with a layer of ice-cream, we chose home-made pretzel ice cream which was so good that it probably deserves a blog all of its own.

The top half of the donut was then dipped in chocolate sauce (you can also choose vanilla or strawberry), and then sprinkled with a final topping of your choice. We went for muesli the first time, a vain attempt at being healthy. It is still a topic of hot debate in our house as to who actually decided on the combination for our sandwich, as whoever came up with it can only be described as a genius. Lets just say that it was damn good.

I suggest that you share your donut sandwich with someone, unless you have a lot of faith in your arteries or have just run a half marathon.

We even had to stop our walk home, half way, just to recover from the sugar high. But if you are going to stop, don’t waste too much time, as the expected food coma will be swiftly approaching.

The advantage with it being just after the blizzard was that we could take our time eating our ice cream donut sandwich (we never managed to finish one of these in under 30 minutes) without the entire sandwich melting into the bottom of the container. And yes, a spoon or even a knife and fork are recommended for this. And make sure you take as many serviettes with you as possible when you leave.

Without this motivation, I think I would never have ventured out into the snow at all!

Apologies that none of the photos were taken by me, but my hands where kind of busy at the time.

Ps. Happy 1 month birthday to the blog!

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