The hunt for the perfect brownie begins

Some say that Isaac Newton discovered gravity from watching apples fall from a tree.

And that Archimedes came up with his screw idea while in the bath.

I tend to come to come up with all my best ideas after a couple of beers, and we tend to come up with our best ideas after a couple of bottles (er I mean glasses) of cheap red wine. We once came up with the idea of visiting as many bars as possible in 6 months, and the promptly lost count exactly one month later.

One of these “great” ideas struck us (it could also just have been the hangover) while we were trying out a new restaurant that had opened in Pretoria.

We had taken the night off, and where at the new Koi restaurant which had opened in Lynnwood Bridge, just “giving it a try out”.

initially we had planned on gorging ourselves on sushi, but we got stuck on page 1 of the menu.

“Surely we can just eat these until we are full”

Please sir, can I have sum more?

“I’m sure its okay. No one will judge us. Right?”

“Why don’t we just get this dim sum platter, and then we can add some more dim sum to it”

“Think about it, it’ll mean that we have space for dessert”

That last line ended the conversation (in fact simply bringing up dessert ends most debates with us).

So we ordered some dim sum, and then added some more dim sum to it. Weirdly enough, and contrary to what my mind was screaming at me, these turned out to be far easier to eat with the chop sticks. We quickly made our way through our main meal, being sure to share them out “equally”. This meant it was time for pudding.

I went for the chocolate and banana spring rolls, and it was right about at that exact moment, that inspiration struck the LIB.

It came from a little innocent line on the menu, second item from the top:

The chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice-cream.

“You know what we should do” the LIB commented while at the same time expertly defending her brownie from my ever encroaching spoon, “is see if we can find the best chocolate brownie in Pretoria”.

And I’m blaming the red wine here, it seemed like a really good idea!

So, the rating of the Koi brownie:

The Challenge Begins!

You are presented with two bite size pieces, with a chocolate dipping sauce, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The brownie didn’t have a strong chocolate taste, but was packed full of nuts. We’ve decided that this should rather be described as a nut bar, and as such it was very good. But we simply can’t bring ourselves to call it a Brownie.

Overall we awarded it a rating of:

2 out of 5 brownie points (I’m not defending our scoring system, because to be brutally honest, we were pretty much hammered by this time).

Once the hang-over subsides, we will continue our search!

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