Boerewors – First Class Style!

My dedication to the Springboks was really tested this weekend, with the quarter finals game in the World Cup scheduled for 07:00 on a Sunday morning (the beers probably wouldn’t even be cold by that time). So we decided to move the customary braai forward a few hours. Seeing as though we had time, and no other mouths to disappoint, we decided to push the envelope a little.

So we swung by the our local Pick ‘n Pay; I know they don’t traditionaly have the best quality wors, but this was a spur of the moment decision. We picked up some traditional boerewors, an onion, a wheel of camembert cheese and a half-dozen soft white rolls.

I fired up the gas braai, got a little bit of olive oil onto the grills, and slapped the boerewors on. We don’t like to over-cook our wors, so I normally cook it until it will break with a simple twist of the tongs.

The LIB got started in the kitchen, cooking the onion in a little oil, until translucent. She then added in a glug of balsamic vinegar, and cooked down until there was no more liquid in the pan. At this stage the onions should be sticky and caramalized.

Once the wors was cooked, we plated up.

The "Humble" Boerewors Roll

First came the bun, spread with a layer of Dijon mustard. We followed this with slices of camembert cheese, and then the wors. We did it this way around as the heat from the wors starts to melt the camembert while you are busy with the remaining components. And finally we stuffed in as much of the onions as the buns would allow.

Eat with your hands, even if you need to change into an old t-shirt for when the inevitable spillage occurs. I suggest eating this in front of the TV, but it would probably go down just as well outside, with some friends.

The LIB said there was no greens on the plate, so I inserted my favorite green!

The only sauce you should even be considering for this Boerewors roll, is an ice-cold Castle (though this is more for the Chef), so leave the tomato sauce in the fridge for this one.

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