Not all desserts need chocolate, apparently

The only certainties in life are “death and taxes”. Oh and me not classifying anything as a proper pudding, unless it actually contains chocolate in one form or the other.

But even I’ve been known to push the boundary of what meets my definition of dessert, and decided to try out something a little bit different after a recent braai. And in a complete role reversal, I took charge of the dessert (well in the overseeing of the dessert making process at least).

On the menu, cinnamon braai’d pineapple with vanilla ice cream.

Making short work of preparing the pineapple

We started off by slicing the pineapple into rounds, of about 1 cm in width, and then cutting these rounds into halves. It did help that our pineapple had been purchased fresh, the day before from the Boeremark in Pretoria at the Pioneers Museum. We were able to get an organically grown pineapple, without any artificial colourants or pesticides. I’m not normally too picky about my food being organic, but when you take into account that the pineapple cost a whole R5, it was actually a bargain.

We kept the sliced pineapple in the fridge until we were ready to use it.

The LIB then threw together a quick cinnamon sugar glaze, by mixing ground cinnamon with sugar (the quantities simply mixed by eye) and adding water to this.

I made sure the flat grill surface of the gas braai was hot, made easier based on the fact that it had retained a lot of the heat used in our earlier braai.

I even relinquished my beer, to make sure all my focus was on the braai

I laid down the pieces of sliced pineapple and glazed the upper side with the cinnamon and sugar mix, using a simple basting brush.

Wait a few minutes and flip the slices over, I suggest using a spatula for this. Glaze the top again.

A few minutes later, flip the pineapple slices one more time, just to ensure that the glaze browns nicely, and remove from the heat.

Serve as quickly as possible. We went with a plain vanilla ice cream, and then added the pineapple to the top.

The end product, with only a "few" bites out of it already

The end result is not too sweet, the fresh pineapple balancing the sweetness from the glaze beautifully. And the tropical flavour goes perfectly with the ice cream to round-up a hot spring day.

I’m claiming the honour of coming up with this idea, because the result is simply too good to let anyone else claim it. And we all know that the braai’ing part was definitely the hardest part! Hell, I even had to put my beer down!

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