Why I love Pretoria – Spring Time

I think there are few cities in the world that can compare to Pretoria in the spring.

The time of the year when the city sheds the traditional blue worn by two of its favorite sporting teams, and instead bathes itself in an almost endless blanket of purple.

Spring is the time when the Jacaranda trees flower:

Picture courtesy of @pola26

Picture courtesy of @pola26

Picture Courtesy of @pola26

Whether you’re a struggling student, hoping to have a falling Jacaranda flower land on your head (guaranteeing that you’ll pass the end of year exams); a clumsy motorist blaming the purple carpet on the roads for your most recent fender bender; or just a normal Bulls fan (who for once is happy to admit that maybe your blood is actually purple), everyone will admit that the city looks simply amazing when the Jacarandas are in bloom.

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