The Boeremark, a pancake and a strong cup of coffee!

There are very few things in this world that can get me out of bed early in the morning, especially if said morning happens to be a Saturday morning.

I might get out of bed if there was a fire, but most likely only to adjust the fan to cool the room down a bit.

I might also wake up early to watch a good rugby match, but luckily I don’t have to test that theory until February next year. I definitely don’t wake up early for cricket, but seeing as though that can last for 5 days, there’s not normally a point to waking up early.

A few weeks ago however, the LIB managed to get me out of bed early on a Saturday. It could’ve been the allure of a morning spent buying food at the Boeremark, but it was probably the threat of no more baked goods coming out of the LIB’s kitchen if I didn’t –  that did it!

So we were up at sparrows-fart, trying to decide whether it was still too early to wear slops, and whether we should be borrowing someone’s bakkie to fit in better.

Luckily for us, the Pioneer Museum (the home of the Boeremark) is not very far away, in Silverton, and we were able to double team the driving there.

Pork anyone?

We arrived at around 6 am, and the market was already packed. How I asked myself do these people do it? The only thing I could come up with is that these people simply never sleep!

But these thoughts were quickly put out of my mind, as we got down to the serious business of  finding a cup of strong coffee. There are a multitude of places at the market to choose from. I took a simple approach, whichever stall didn’t have a queue outside it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Wakes you up quicker than a can of Red Bull

Armed with a fresh cup of coffee and a new outlook on life, we started exploring the market.

The market is made up of temporary stands, mostly selling food. There is everything from fresh fruits and vegetables (at some ridiculously good prices), to stands selling melkkos, pancakes, fresh bread, home-made cheese (find the cheese stand, just do it) all the way to a stall selling health juices proclaiming to do everything from detoxing you, to improving your performance in the umm… the gym. Try the pine juice if you get a chance, it’s quite a bizarre taste, but not completely unpleasant and I hate to say it, it tastes the way pine needles smell. Also pick up some flowers (especially if you need to earn some brownie points) from one of the stalls selling freshly cut Proteas.

Look out for the stalls selling nuts, as I haven’t seen a place in the whole of Pretoria that can beat their prices.

A breakfast of champions?

For breakfast, stop at one of the stalls selling fresh pancakes. Not only will you get a wholesome breakfast (okay not exactly healthy I admit) you will be able to admire the pancake production line in full action, as well as one of the most creative uses for a tuning fork I’ve ever seen!

I suggest finding somewhere to sit for breakfast and get that out of the way, so that when you are walking around browsing, your hands are free to try out samples. It was also give you an excuse not to have to make conversation with people until you are properly awake.

Other items on our shopping list where home-made rusks, a fresh pineapple for a bargain at R5, and some fresh bread from a Russian (though I was completely shocked by the price, guess communism is definitely over).

I also picked up a few trinkets, especially the home-made reproduction micro-machine cars, made out of recycled tin cans.

Small things amuse small minds they say

If you’re there, make sure you also pick up as many punnets of strawberries as you can carry, as these are seriously good. Not the oversized monsters you might find at Woolworth’s, but they taste unbelievable.

All in all, I highly recommend giving the Boeremark a try. In fact we are busy planning our next visit, if we can just convince ourselves to wake up early enough.

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