Hazel Food Market and the discovery of Versus Goliath

I love it when other people have really good ideas. It means no effort on my part and I get to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

One such good idea was when the Hazel Food Market held one of its night markets specifically centered around beer. Pair beer and any sort of food together, and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got yourself a winner.

I made sure that my wallet was full, that my credit card was hidden away, checked that the LiveInBaker had enough plastic packets to carry everything I was planning on buying, arranged for an alternative driver if necessary, and off we went.

Yes I do

The market happens every Saturday morning, but the beer market was a first. Basically the premise was that it would be a celebration of craft beer and using beer in food. I’ll drink to that.

The best of Pretoria was on hand to showcase what they had to offer, represented by Drayman’s Brewery and Distillery and the Cockpit Brewhouse. I like to think of these two as being a little more traditional than their Cape Town based counterparts, but their product is solid and they both offer quite a large variety to choose from.

1 Litre is the smallest size. Pure Genius!

It was at the market that I discovered a little treasure. Sitting innocently enough in a bucket of ice, a small drop of condensation running down the side of the bottle. Versus Goliath, an amber lager imported by &Union, which is just one of a range of Craft Beers that they are bringing into the country from Europe. And yes, this beer is as good as its name is unusual.

Well, he’s actually my dad, but anyway!

We broke away from the beer for a bit but only to make time for some wine tasting. The wine we turned to was one called Bob’s Your Uncle, a red wine which is conveniently bottled in a 500ml dumpy, and even needs a bottle opener to open. The wine is described on their website  as:

“Bob is a barrel matured, multi-varietal blend of all the “lekker” grapes of the Cape.  Ripe black fruits, plums, piquant spice, supple tannins and hints of Fynbos.  Bob can be drunk straight from the bottle or poured into a glass – you make the choice!”

But I would just say its bloody damn good!

Oh and the food? I almost forgot about that. To be honest I hadn’t left very much space for food after all the beer but we did manage to find something. And when I say something, I really mean one of the most awesome things I’ve seen to date.

Cake and beer on a stick

A combination of two of my favorite things, beer and Cake Pops. The result was simply amazing. I regret only buying two. I’ve told everyone this is because I am such a nice guy and wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone else, but the truth was I had sadly run out of money by this stage.

If it wasn’t for all the beer tasting, I might actually remember who made them!

Who’s idea was it to only get two?

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6 thoughts on “Hazel Food Market and the discovery of Versus Goliath

  1. Tandy says:

    wow, so many new beers to be on the look out for! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I went to a night market late last year (could have been their Christmas market). Have they had any this year?

    • I haven’t actually been to the Hazel Market all year. Shocking I know. Mostly these days I go to the Boeremark. But also really want to give the Neighbourgoods market in Joburg a try some time.

      • There’s also Market on Main on a Sunday. Would love to see a post on the Neighbourgoods Market!

        Did a workshop at Arts on Main last weekend. Great venue!

      • Never even heard about Market on Main, but will definitely give it a try, if I can drive to Joburg to buy Real Beer, I’m sure I can drive there for food. Really been keeping it limited to the Pretoria food markets lately.

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