If you’re going to drink out of a bottle, you might as well eat out of a glass

When it comes to certain types of food, I think I am really old school. For example fruit is not something that I think should be in a dessert, but rather something to be eaten only when trying to avoid a doctor. I also don’t really classify anything as dessert unless there is some sort of chocolate involved, even if it means me running down to the petrol station to buy said chocolate. But as they say, change is as good as a holiday, and so sometimes even I need to take a break from my usual chocolate-centered pudding.

The last time this happened, the LIB was ready with a recipe. Though I think it was more her addiction to cheese cake that led her to this recipe, and not my latest chocolate detox. The dessert we made, while not originally being described as a cheesecake, does definitely have a hint of cheesecake flavour, with a nice bite of lemon to go with it:

Layered Lemon (cheese)cake Cups:


  • Madeira Cake – 1 loaf is enough to serve 4 people
  • Lemon Curd – we used a ready prepared one from Pick ‘n Pay
  • Lemon Sugar Syrup (detail below)
  • Icing (detail below)

Lemon Syrup

  • Juice and zest of half a lemon
  • Half a cup of sugar
  • Half a cup of water


  • 62.5g of softened butter
  • Half a cup of icing sugar, sifted
  • 230g of plain cream cheese
  • 10ml fresh lemon juice

Do these qualify as rejects?

For the lemon syrup: heat the water, sugar, lemon juice and zest together until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and let it cool.

The icing is loaded and ready to go

For the icing: Cream (which has been explained to me as “just blend them well to make an even, homogeneous texture without lumps and blots” – thanks Google) the butter and sugar together. Then lightly whisk in the cream cheese, or if you’re impatient just mix it in using a spatula. Just be careful not to over mix. Mix in the lemon juice, again you can use the spatula. Chill in a fridge to thicken while preparing the rest of the pudding.

This might be the most awesome icing machine ever!

For the cakes, cut the cake into 1.5 cm thick slices length wise. The LIB uses a rather fancy cake slicer to do this (looks like a giant cheese slicer). Use whichever container you’ll be using to cut out the correct size and shape of cake. We used glass tumblers for this. Don’t worry about any excess cake, as someone is bound to walk past and eat them (most likely me). Then start assembling the cake, in the following pattern: place 1 round of the cake into the bottom of your tumbler, add a drizzle of the syrup, and pipe a layer of the cream cheese icing on top. Add 10mls of lemon curd and then repeat the entire pattern. You can do as many levels as you like, just make sure you end the cycle with a cream cheese icing layer.

Can I have mine yet?

Don’t waste your time garnishing, just bang them into a fridge to stay cool, and serve them either cool or at room temperature.

And if you can control yourself, these do taste a whole lot better the next day, once the flavours have had a chance to combine properly.

The LIB said that if she would change anything about this recipe, it’s that she wouldn’t cut the cake into smaller container shaped pieces, and would instead assemble as one large loaf. And because this pudding tastes so damn good, I’m more than happy for her to try again.

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3 thoughts on “If you’re going to drink out of a bottle, you might as well eat out of a glass

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  2. Tandy says:

    sometimes, dessert without chocolate is acceptable – and this one sounds perfect! I love the icing machine 🙂

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