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Beer, Braai, Bacon and Boerie – How we do Heritage Day

Sorry that you were not able to spend Braai Day with us. If you had, you would’ve had some damn good food. I’m sure your own Heritage Day celebrations where just “fine”. As fine as anything that doesn’t end with ice cream sandwiches can be!

I’m not posting any recipes this Braai Day, instead I am going to share some of my favorite recipes, spots in Pretoria giving you everything you need for a good braai, and a couple of photo’s of our exploits.

Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe courtesy of Simply Delicious

I buy my meat from Kings Meat Deli

Coals provided by some well-lit Charka Brickets

I get my Ice Cream from Royal Danish, which if you haven’t been there, is a real must! Even if you need to drive to Pretoria just to try it!

And for the photos:

‘n Lekker stukkie wors!

Getting the chicken espetada ready

Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese

How did that sneak in there?

There at least has to be one healthy item on the table.

Royal English Toffee from Royal Danish

Closing braai day with ice cream sandwiches

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Heritage Day and celebrating the braai!

Everyone has traditions. Like in my family we believe in traditional medicine, which means that when we get a headache, we take a Disprin, because that is what we’ve done for generations.

On the 24th of September, South African’s celebrate Heritage Day, which means each South African gets to celebrate their own unique heritage. A lot of South Africans choose to do this by doing something that has become synonymous with being South African, and that is to crack open an ice-cold beer, and getting a “lekker stuk of wors” on the braai.

So in celebration of Heritage Day, here are some videos that celebrate the braai!

BraaiBoy breaks the current record for the longest braai

Know your wood from you wood with Jan and Neels

Ons gaan nou braai!” (which also explains the South African definition of “Now now”)

Bringing the girls to the braai

And have a look at my favorites from last year.

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The Boeremark, a pancake and a strong cup of coffee!

There are very few things in this world that can get me out of bed early in the morning, especially if said morning happens to be a Saturday morning.

I might get out of bed if there was a fire, but most likely only to adjust the fan to cool the room down a bit.

I might also wake up early to watch a good rugby match, but luckily I don’t have to test that theory until February next year. I definitely don’t wake up early for cricket, but seeing as though that can last for 5 days, there’s not normally a point to waking up early.

A few weeks ago however, the LIB managed to get me out of bed early on a Saturday. It could’ve been the allure of a morning spent buying food at the Boeremark, but it was probably the threat of no more baked goods coming out of the LIB’s kitchen if I didn’t –  that did it!

So we were up at sparrows-fart, trying to decide whether it was still too early to wear slops, and whether we should be borrowing someone’s bakkie to fit in better.

Luckily for us, the Pioneer Museum (the home of the Boeremark) is not very far away, in Silverton, and we were able to double team the driving there.

Pork anyone?

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Why I love Pretoria – Spring Time

I think there are few cities in the world that can compare to Pretoria in the spring.

The time of the year when the city sheds the traditional blue worn by two of its favorite sporting teams, and instead bathes itself in an almost endless blanket of purple.

Spring is the time when the Jacaranda trees flower:

Picture courtesy of @pola26

Picture courtesy of @pola26

Picture Courtesy of @pola26

Whether you’re a struggling student, hoping to have a falling Jacaranda flower land on your head (guaranteeing that you’ll pass the end of year exams); a clumsy motorist blaming the purple carpet on the roads for your most recent fender bender; or just a normal Bulls fan (who for once is happy to admit that maybe your blood is actually purple), everyone will admit that the city looks simply amazing when the Jacarandas are in bloom.

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Maropeng – The birth place of mankind

(Warning: this post contains no food and no drinks, it’s crazy, I know)

I was avoiding work the other day (this happens so often, I’m not able to point out the specific day), and came across a cure for a very unusual hangover.

After spending 6 months abroad (most of this spent on the only island in the world where it feels like the whole world has decided to have a camp in someone’s back yard. Manhattan I miss you) I was left with a feeling that can only be described as travel hangover (and yes it did take me a week to get used to having to pick up my car keys every time I left the house).

Turns out we are not the only people to feel this way, but luckily others out there have discovered a wonderful cure for this!

The cure we have found works the best for us is, to become a local tourist.

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Girl wants Diamonds, Man wants Beer!

Braai day rolled in, overcast, drizzly, but luckily on a Saturday.

In anticipation of the actual event we took a drive to Cullinan, where the Cullinan Diamond was found in 1905.

Now we weren’t expecting on coming across any diamond at all (though the opportunity for early retirement wouldn’t have been so bad), but instead were hoping to stumble across a couple of gems in the eating department.

So after a 30 minute drive east on the N4 out of Pretoria, and by some small miracle taking the correct off ramp, we managed to find our way to Oak Avenue, what appeared to be the main street running through Cullinan.

A quiet, and very wet Oak Avenue

An interesting collection of shops and restaurants awaited us at the end of Oak Avenue, right before the entrance to the Cullinan Diamond Mine. Amongst these were As Greek As It Gets (to be tried on a future visit), Rust in White, and the Cockpit Brewhouse.

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