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Beer, Braai, Bacon and Boerie – How we do Heritage Day

Sorry that you were not able to spend Braai Day with us. If you had, you would’ve had some damn good food. I’m sure your own Heritage Day celebrations where just “fine”. As fine as anything that doesn’t end with ice cream sandwiches can be!

I’m not posting any recipes this Braai Day, instead I am going to share some of my favorite recipes, spots in Pretoria giving you everything you need for a good braai, and a couple of photo’s of our exploits.

Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe courtesy of Simply Delicious

I buy my meat from Kings Meat Deli

Coals provided by some well-lit Charka Brickets

I get my Ice Cream from Royal Danish, which if you haven’t been there, is a real must! Even if you need to drive to Pretoria just to try it!

And for the photos:

‘n Lekker stukkie wors!

Getting the chicken espetada ready

Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese

How did that sneak in there?

There at least has to be one healthy item on the table.

Royal English Toffee from Royal Danish

Closing braai day with ice cream sandwiches

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Hazel Food Market and the discovery of Versus Goliath

I love it when other people have really good ideas. It means no effort on my part and I get to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

One such good idea was when the Hazel Food Market held one of its night markets specifically centered around beer. Pair beer and any sort of food together, and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got yourself a winner.

I made sure that my wallet was full, that my credit card was hidden away, checked that the LiveInBaker had enough plastic packets to carry everything I was planning on buying, arranged for an alternative driver if necessary, and off we went.

Yes I do

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The Boeremark, a pancake and a strong cup of coffee!

There are very few things in this world that can get me out of bed early in the morning, especially if said morning happens to be a Saturday morning.

I might get out of bed if there was a fire, but most likely only to adjust the fan to cool the room down a bit.

I might also wake up early to watch a good rugby match, but luckily I don’t have to test that theory until February next year. I definitely don’t wake up early for cricket, but seeing as though that can last for 5 days, there’s not normally a point to waking up early.

A few weeks ago however, the LIB managed to get me out of bed early on a Saturday. It could’ve been the allure of a morning spent buying food at the Boeremark, but it was probably the threat of no more baked goods coming out of the LIB’s kitchen if I didn’t –  that did it!

So we were up at sparrows-fart, trying to decide whether it was still too early to wear slops, and whether we should be borrowing someone’s bakkie to fit in better.

Luckily for us, the Pioneer Museum (the home of the Boeremark) is not very far away, in Silverton, and we were able to double team the driving there.

Pork anyone?

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Where good diets go to die!

So most people find it really humorous that I had not seen a real snow fall until I was past my quarter life crisis (and yes I am planning on living to be 100), and yes I did get terribly excited the first time I saw a flurry. So excited in fact that I asked everyone I saw if this was snow. The only real response I got to this was a quizzical look and a slightly nervous laugh. Most likely this was simply due to the fact that very few people in New York could understand anything I was saying, what with my thick “Vrystaat” accent, and the peculiar mix of Afrikaans slang that I have introduced into my every day language (It simply makes sense that the plural of waterfall would be waterfallses right?).

But then the New York blizzard of December 2010 hit, and no one was laughing at me anymore. I still had to ask it though: “Can I call it real snow yet?” I’ve always believed that Africa is not for sissies, but let me tell you, a blizzard is definitely not for sissies!

As I watched New York retreat indoors (from the comfort of my lounge of course), I turned to the LIB and told her that there is absolutely no chance that I will be going outdoors until all this “blerrie” snow is gone!

But boy, could I not have been more wrong!

You see, there was a problem. The problem was that roughly 5 blocks from our apartment was a little hole in the wall place, a place we began to affectionately refer to as “the place where diets go to die”.

The place in question? Holey Cream (and yes, when walking into it the first time, Cream is not the word I used in that sentence). Continue reading

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Insomnia Cookies!

Today I received an email to the 2011 NYC Halloween pub crawl!

And now thanks to that, I am really missing NYC!

So much so, that I am even considering visiting just for the pub crawl! In case anyone was there for the 2010 pub crawl, I was dressed as Captain America (ironic I know, coming from South Africa and all).

So I was going through some of the photos from my 6 months in NYC, and came across a place which I had almost forgotten about, and I can’t believe I had almost had!

This was the night, that made it an absolute certainty for me, that America makes the best cookies in the world (well at least the parts of the world that I have visited)!

After a meal of sushi, we were walking in the upper west side of Manhattan, more specifically down Amsterdam Avenue, where we came across a sign which called out to us, asking us to come in.

The place in question, Insomnia Cookies!

With a menu like this, who needs enemies?

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Let them eat (cup)cake!

If I ever meet the person who invented Cupcakes, I would hug them.

The idea of a full on cake, shrunk down to a size you can hold in one hand, is absolute genius!

So while exploring the streets of Georgetown, Washington DC, our first priority was to find us “some good eats”.

So after pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso, where I would highly recommend that you have the Atomica (Tomato, Salami, Black Olives, Hot Pepper Flakes, Mozzarella). I’m going to call this the second best pizza we had during our 6 month visit to the US. If it could have been served with an Ice Cold Castle, I might have called this the second best pizza I’ve ever hand, of all time!

And almost right across the road from our lunch, was what we thought looked like quite a cute little place to get some cupcakes for a late afternoon snack (Fear not, we did end up walking all this eating off).

It looked so innocent from the outside!

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Rugby balls and Oreo balls

This is a happy week!

Why, you might be wondering, because this week is the week where my LIB makes another batch of Cake Pops (well in this case, and just for this week, they will be referred to as Oreo Balls).

This will not be our first experience with Cake Pops (and it definitely won’t be our last), the last time being at the Hazel Food Market‘s Coffee and Chocolate festival.

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It’s a happy place…

We were exploring the streets of
Georgetown, Washington DC, when we came across this sign:

This might be the most inviting sign I've ever seen!

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