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First impression of Ghana – breakfast

I arrived in Ghana on a wet and hot as hell, evening.
Though I probably shouldn’t be complaining, because as flights go, the flight from Oliver Thambo International airport to Accra is not really that taxing. Especially now as it seems that SAA is using an upgraded planeĀ for the flight, complete with personal tv screens ( I do need to add here that no amount of movie sequels – including Transformers 10 or the Hangover 36 – was going to win over the nap I had planned).

Immigration in Ghana is some of the easiest I have ever experienced in Africa, especially now that I have the correct visa in my passport. The one thing I do love about airports in Africa, is that you’ve normally spent such a long period of time passing through immigration, that you never have to wait for your luggage to come out.

A quick combi ride to the hotel, my pudding for the evening, and off to bed.

Yum, pudding!

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