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A little peanut-butter motivation goes a long way!

I’ve discovered in life that there are 3 ways of motivating people.

1. Rewarding them;

2. Putting the fear of death into them;

3. Feeding them.

Now obviously only two of those options are realistic in todays modern society, I’m sure a lot of people are thinking back to the “good old” days where rewarding other people was the best way to obtain the desired outcome.

I had the need the other day, to inject some motivation into a group of people, and barring simply bringing a big stick (refer to method 2 above), I decided that the more politically correct method would be to shower them with delicious eats instead.

So it was back to the kitchen for the LIB, with a simple brief: a small snack, something that can be eaten with one hand, using pretzels, and something that we haven’t really seen before.

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Chop, Dop and Roll – part 2

I have finally recovered enough from my Malva induced coma to actually be able to sit up in front of my pc for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Which means that I get to think back on the part 2 of our 2 part Braai Day weekend.

As any “tong-master” worth half his meat knows, bread is as compulsory at a braai as a decent pair of braai tongs, a bowl of biltong and a cold six-pack are.

Everyone knows that the humble bread roll can in some cases be substituted, normally for: a brown bread roll; or maybe for a seed bun; and sometimes even, when people are feeling unusually adventurous, maybe a seed loaf.

In the interest of spicing things up a little bit, and also as October and Halloween are swiftly approaching (almost as quickly as temporary costume shops should now be popping up in NYC) the LIB decided that this would be the perfect time to introduce some pumpkin to the traditional South African braai bread.

On to the menu then!

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When it’s too early to braai, bake!

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is in full swing!

Superbru picks are being made, and countless work hours are being lost as people tend to spend most of their work day mornings “making” coffee. Based on the time given to this task lately, we should all be expert baristas by now.

The only problem with the World Cup, is it is being played in New Zealand. Now I don’t have a problem with New Zealand, except for when the Springboks are up against the All Blacks, but wow, could you have picked a more inconvenient time zone to host the games in?

Because of this, the Springboks were up against Fiji, and kick off was at a ridiculous 8 am on a Saturday morning.

So this left us with a bit of a situation on our hands. Now I know that no matter where you are in the world, somewhere an aeroplane has flown overhead, and this means that you can drink, but at 8 am on a Saturday morning might be borderline alcoholic.

Any way, we think we’ve come up with a workable solution. The rugby “baked” breakfast.

This involved the following:

1. Find a location – I selected the couch right in front of the TV.

2. Invite a few rugby mad fanatics – We are talking about South Africa right?

3. Plan out a meal – I delegated this responsibility to the LIB.

4. Delegate some of the menu items for the guests to bring – and yes I too delegated this to the LIB too.

5. Wake up in time for the game – and no this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Luckily the LIB, as she always seems to, had it all under control, and on Friday the house was filled with wonderful smells of baking (or so I was led to believe as I wasn’t actually there at the time).

The Menu?

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