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Griddle pan flapjacks

So under threat of bodily injury the LiveInBaker convinced me to wake up early one Sunday morning, to make her breakfast in bed.

Okay that’s a lie, because if it came down to a knife fight, I’m pretty sure that I could take her.

The real reason is that I had a new Typhoon Griddle plate from Yuppiechef, and as any guy with a new toy knows, I was dying to try it out.

Now apparently it is not appropriate to make steak for breakfast (I know, who came up with that rule?), so instead I went looking for an alternative meal to make. It wasn’t until I flipped the griddle pan over, that I realized not only did I have a griddle pan, but I also had a pretty handy flat plate. And what better to make on a flat plate than flapjacks. So I retired my usual method of making my flapjacks using my sandwich press, and got down to the serious business of finding a flapjack recipe that wouldn’t require a trip to town to get ingredients.

So early one Sunday morning, still with a bit of sleep in my eyes but luckily also with a strong cup of coffee in my hand, I got to work:

Griddle pan flapjacks:

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The Boeremark, a pancake and a strong cup of coffee!

There are very few things in this world that can get me out of bed early in the morning, especially if said morning happens to be a Saturday morning.

I might get out of bed if there was a fire, but most likely only to adjust the fan to cool the room down a bit.

I might also wake up early to watch a good rugby match, but luckily I don’t have to test that theory until February next year. I definitely don’t wake up early for cricket, but seeing as though that can last for 5 days, there’s not normally a point to waking up early.

A few weeks ago however, the LIB managed to get me out of bed early on a Saturday. It could’ve been the allure of a morning spent buying food at the Boeremark, but it was probably the threat of no more baked goods coming out of the LIB’s kitchen if I didn’t –  that did it!

So we were up at sparrows-fart, trying to decide whether it was still too early to wear slops, and whether we should be borrowing someone’s bakkie to fit in better.

Luckily for us, the Pioneer Museum (the home of the Boeremark) is not very far away, in Silverton, and we were able to double team the driving there.

Pork anyone?

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First impression of Ghana – breakfast

I arrived in Ghana on a wet and hot as hell, evening.
Though I probably shouldn’t be complaining, because as flights go, the flight from Oliver Thambo International airport to Accra is not really that taxing. Especially now as it seems that SAA is using an upgraded plane for the flight, complete with personal tv screens ( I do need to add here that no amount of movie sequels – including Transformers 10 or the Hangover 36 – was going to win over the nap I had planned).

Immigration in Ghana is some of the easiest I have ever experienced in Africa, especially now that I have the correct visa in my passport. The one thing I do love about airports in Africa, is that you’ve normally spent such a long period of time passing through immigration, that you never have to wait for your luggage to come out.

A quick combi ride to the hotel, my pudding for the evening, and off to bed.

Yum, pudding!

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When it’s too early to braai, bake!

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is in full swing!

Superbru picks are being made, and countless work hours are being lost as people tend to spend most of their work day mornings “making” coffee. Based on the time given to this task lately, we should all be expert baristas by now.

The only problem with the World Cup, is it is being played in New Zealand. Now I don’t have a problem with New Zealand, except for when the Springboks are up against the All Blacks, but wow, could you have picked a more inconvenient time zone to host the games in?

Because of this, the Springboks were up against Fiji, and kick off was at a ridiculous 8 am on a Saturday morning.

So this left us with a bit of a situation on our hands. Now I know that no matter where you are in the world, somewhere an aeroplane has flown overhead, and this means that you can drink, but at 8 am on a Saturday morning might be borderline alcoholic.

Any way, we think we’ve come up with a workable solution. The rugby “baked” breakfast.

This involved the following:

1. Find a location – I selected the couch right in front of the TV.

2. Invite a few rugby mad fanatics – We are talking about South Africa right?

3. Plan out a meal – I delegated this responsibility to the LIB.

4. Delegate some of the menu items for the guests to bring – and yes I too delegated this to the LIB too.

5. Wake up in time for the game – and no this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Luckily the LIB, as she always seems to, had it all under control, and on Friday the house was filled with wonderful smells of baking (or so I was led to believe as I wasn’t actually there at the time).

The Menu?

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