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Ultimate Braai Broodjie minus the Braai

I consider myself to be relatively tough. Apparently living in Africa will do this to you, but I rather think its more to do with growing up left-handed, in an obviously right-handed world (you try writing in a lever arch file with your left hand). So I’m sad to say that my toughness was recently really put to the test, and I had to relent to an inevitable Highveld thunderstorm, and abandon all hopes of having a lekker braai and trying out a recipe we came across for what promised to be one awesome braai bread! But looking back, I suppose it was all for the better, as having to postpone this recipe also conveniently mean’t we didn’t have to share it with anyone.

Gourmet Toasties:


  •  1 Ciabatta loaf

Camembert and onion marmalade filling:

  • Walnut and rocket pesto (from Pesto Princess);
  • Fresh rocket;
  • Red onion rings;
  • Onion marmalade;
  • Rolls of soft cheese with black pepper;
  • Sliced camembert.

Firstly half the ciabatta bread (stick with your Woolies faithful here), and remove some of the inside to make a small hollow in both sides of the bread. Spread the pesto on the bottom half, add the rocket and then the red onion rings. Then layer the cheeses. Then spread the onion marmalade liberally on the inside of the top half. Cover with the top half of the bread, and press down firmly.

Wrap in tin foil, and braai over indirect heat, or bang it into the oven until the bread is warmed through and the cheeses have melted.

We went with the oven for this one, mostly due to some left over rain clouds from the previous nights thunderstorm but also due to the ovens proximity to the fridge (and cold beer). We also gave up on the idea of eating this as a side dish, and simply ate it like a toasted sandwich.

But you know what, the only people who were disappointed, where those we couldn’t (or refused) to share with!

Recipe adapted from You’s Best Recipes.

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Ps. If you haven’t had pesto from Pesto Princess yet, you’re missing out!

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Homemade Burgers, on the Griddle

There are a couple of things which took me a long time to get used to, like the fact that as a passenger I kept trying to climb into the driver’s seat; or the height of the water in the toilet bowl. But there are a couple of things that didn’t take any getting used to at all. One of these things is the American’s love of burgers. To them a burger is not only a quick-lunch you can grab without even getting out of your car, but rather something that at times can even be called gourmet. And the best thing is, they are readily available; every couple of blocks in New York City seems to contain at least one restaurant creating these masterpieces between two halves of a bun.

Back home there are burgers that can easily match the same quality, but unfortunately the availability of them can sometimes be a problem.

So instead, I’ve taken to making my own:


  • 500g lean mince
  • fresh parsley
  • 1 egg
  • 125ml bread crumbs
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and pepper
  • Camembert cheese

For the mince, I went all out, using lean Gemsbok mince. I start by breaking the mince up into a glass bowl with my hands. I separate the parsley from its stalk and chop it up as finely as I can, which is normally not really finely at all, and dump the parsley in with the meat. Add in some freshly ground salt and pepper, just using a best guess method for quantity, and some of the Worcestershire sauce. I crack in the egg and add the bread crumbs. And then I mix everything well together with my hands.

I attempt to prep all my ingrediants before cooking, normally when the LIB bakes, I sneak a couple of tastes in

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