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Beer, Braai, Bacon and Boerie – How we do Heritage Day

Sorry that you were not able to spend Braai Day with us. If you had, you would’ve had some damn good food. I’m sure your own Heritage Day celebrations where just “fine”. As fine as anything that doesn’t end with ice cream sandwiches can be!

I’m not posting any recipes this Braai Day, instead I am going to share some of my favorite recipes, spots in Pretoria giving you everything you need for a good braai, and a couple of photo’s of our exploits.

Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese recipe courtesy of Simply Delicious

I buy my meat from Kings Meat Deli

Coals provided by some well-lit Charka Brickets

I get my Ice Cream from Royal Danish, which if you haven’t been there, is a real must! Even if you need to drive to Pretoria just to try it!

And for the photos:

‘n Lekker stukkie wors!

Getting the chicken espetada ready

Beer and Bacon Mac and Cheese

How did that sneak in there?

There at least has to be one healthy item on the table.

Royal English Toffee from Royal Danish

Closing braai day with ice cream sandwiches

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Easter French Toast

I think that no one will deny that leftovers should be recognised as a food category of their own.

Whether its left over steak on a roll, or left over wors on a roll, or even left over potato salad on a roll (normally for breakfast), I like nothing more than some leftovers for breakfast. In fact the thought of having the leftovers for breakfast the next day is one of the few things which can actually keep me from finishing my supper in one go (or making sure that the LiveInBaker’s leftovers are securely stored in the fridge the night before).

With my Easter egg stash quickly dwindling to a couple of marshmallow eggs, and a single hen’s egg, I knew something drastic had to be done.

Our solution: To turn the almost stale hot-cross buns into french toast.

I give you:

Hot-cross bun french toast


  • hot cross buns
  • 2 eggs
  •  Quarter cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of castor sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
  • dark chocolate chips
  • Ice cream

Start by cutting each of your hot-cross buns in half. The recipe which was our inspiration suggested slicing each bun in 3’s, but the hot-cross buns we get in South Africa seem already to thin for this to work. Once cut, press dark chocolate chips into the bottom half of the bun. And the rule of thumb here, is the more the better.

The more chocolate chips the better

Put the two halves of the bun back together, and squeeze tightly together with your hands.

They might resemble little burgers, but not in taste!

Get your egg dip ready by beating together the egg, milk, sugar and vanilla. Dip each hot cross bun into the egg dip, making sure that each side of the bun is coated in dip, but be careful not to let the dip soak into the bun too much.

Heat up some oil in a frying pan, over a low heat. Place the buns into the oil, and flip after around 4 minutes (but use your discretion here, as the size of the bun seems to dictate how long to fry for).  Flip over and cook for the same amount on the other side. Try to flip each bun only once.

The sugar burns easily, so be careful

It looked like we may have burnt the buns, but then realised that the sugar in the egg dip together with the jam glaze already on the buns, caramalised before the bun is properly cooked. But don’t worry, they didn’t taste burnt at all. Once you’ve added your scoop of ice-cream to the top, no one will even notice. We had a secret weapon, a couple of scoops of Eastern Fusion from Royal Danish Home Made Ice-Cream. We only discovered this ice cream store, making home-made ice-cream in Pretoria, the day before but we don’t think it will be the last time we visit it. And the fact that they are open late into the night, can only mean bad news for any anticipated diets.

If you’re in Pretoria, I would really recommend stopping here for a sugar cone, or 10.

But back to the hot-cross buns, they actually came out really well, despite us thinking that we’d burnt them.

And ice-cream saves the day!

Oh and if you would like to see the inspiration behind our recipe, have a look here.

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Not all desserts need chocolate, apparently

The only certainties in life are “death and taxes”. Oh and me not classifying anything as a proper pudding, unless it actually contains chocolate in one form or the other.

But even I’ve been known to push the boundary of what meets my definition of dessert, and decided to try out something a little bit different after a recent braai. And in a complete role reversal, I took charge of the dessert (well in the overseeing of the dessert making process at least).

On the menu, cinnamon braai’d pineapple with vanilla ice cream.

Making short work of preparing the pineapple

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The hunt for the perfect brownie begins

Some say that Isaac Newton discovered gravity from watching apples fall from a tree.

And that Archimedes came up with his screw idea while in the bath.

I tend to come to come up with all my best ideas after a couple of beers, and we tend to come up with our best ideas after a couple of bottles (er I mean glasses) of cheap red wine. We once came up with the idea of visiting as many bars as possible in 6 months, and the promptly lost count exactly one month later.

One of these “great” ideas struck us (it could also just have been the hangover) while we were trying out a new restaurant that had opened in Pretoria.

We had taken the night off, and where at the new Koi restaurant which had opened in Lynnwood Bridge, just “giving it a try out”.

initially we had planned on gorging ourselves on sushi, but we got stuck on page 1 of the menu.

“Surely we can just eat these until we are full”

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Where good diets go to die!

So most people find it really humorous that I had not seen a real snow fall until I was past my quarter life crisis (and yes I am planning on living to be 100), and yes I did get terribly excited the first time I saw a flurry. So excited in fact that I asked everyone I saw if this was snow. The only real response I got to this was a quizzical look and a slightly nervous laugh. Most likely this was simply due to the fact that very few people in New York could understand anything I was saying, what with my thick “Vrystaat” accent, and the peculiar mix of Afrikaans slang that I have introduced into my every day language (It simply makes sense that the plural of waterfall would be waterfallses right?).

But then the New York blizzard of December 2010 hit, and no one was laughing at me anymore. I still had to ask it though: “Can I call it real snow yet?” I’ve always believed that Africa is not for sissies, but let me tell you, a blizzard is definitely not for sissies!

As I watched New York retreat indoors (from the comfort of my lounge of course), I turned to the LIB and told her that there is absolutely no chance that I will be going outdoors until all this “blerrie” snow is gone!

But boy, could I not have been more wrong!

You see, there was a problem. The problem was that roughly 5 blocks from our apartment was a little hole in the wall place, a place we began to affectionately refer to as “the place where diets go to die”.

The place in question? Holey Cream (and yes, when walking into it the first time, Cream is not the word I used in that sentence). Continue reading

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